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Business Finance

To provide value in these situations, PDH-SAT utilizes Ethos, Logos and Pathos, while leveraging specialized sector expertise to address market conditions and our Clients’ unique requirements. We are not Agents, Brokers, Marketers or Connectors, and we do not participate in your commissions. Clients pay us to Analyze and Strategize regarding their unique situations...

Financial Modeling

A Financial Model is the tool that’s used to objectively quantify the financial future of an Investment, Home, Business or Financial Instrument. It includes detailed, situation-specific data for financial analysis and decision-making. It’s a financial representation of some, or all aspects of a firm or given security. OR it’s a mathematical model of different aspects of the financial health of a given company. Financial Modeling is the mirror which shows: Whether an organization needs additional funds (debt or equity) How a business will react in different financial situations or market conditions Which company to investment in for better returns i.e. comparative analysis An entity’s strengths, weakness, and risk level The value of a firm, business, or investment

Business Assessment Service

Here’s how your Free Asset Valuation Service works: One: Click the Button below to access your Pre-Call Form, where you’ll provide some basic information about your investment goals and interests. Two: We’ll review your information and follow-up with you to schedule your Call. Three: During your Call, we’ll want to learn more about your requirements and about what’s most important to you. We’ll also want to hear about any concerns, risks or roadblocks that may have been delaying you, or stopping you from getting what you want. At the end of your Free Investment Asset Valuation Call, one of two things may happen: A. If we feel we can’t help you, then we’ll share recommendations about other resources that may be of value to you, for your unique situation. B. If we feel we can help you, and if we both feel there’s a good fit, then we can talk about what it would look like for us to generate the Terminal Value Report to help you when you’re evaluating, buying or selling your Investment.

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We'll prepare your Blueprint to fit your unique situation.

This is not an offer for or promotion of Legal Services. The services are Analyst Services and Consulting Services.


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